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Ways to Give

We are excited to announce that we now offer our parishioners a safe and secure way to give online through our online giving portal. To make a secure, one-time or recurring gift, click on one of our funds below and follow the simple instructions. We also offer recurring collections. 


Every dollar given to Christ the King Church and School makes a difference.  Your generosity is valued, and we cannot maintain our wonderful church or school without help from individuals such as yourself.

Catholic education is a transformative education, one that helps students grow in mind, heart, and spirit. The lasting gift of Catholic education provides a strong foundation for the development of a lifetime devotion to service and learning and is truly one of the greatest legacies we can offer to our students.

Through the generosity of families and friends of Catholic education, more students each year are able to receive a comprehensive and transformative education at Christ the King. We invite you to prayerfully consider investing in the future of a student through a gift to one of our funds. As we witness, each day in the success stories of our school, the return on such an investment has no limits.


All charitable contributions to our schools are great blessings, for which we are truly thankful.


Every dollar given to Christ the King makes a difference.  Your generosity is valued, and we cannot maintain our wonderful church or school without help from individuals such as yourself.


Click HERE to give to your weekly tithing. 


The mission of the Trust and Endowment Fund (TEF) is to provide an opportunity for all Catholic children within our parish to receive a Catholic education.


Click HERE to give to our Trust & Endowment Fund.


By giving to our Tuition Assistance Fund, you help families that cannot normally afford the cost of tuition.  This helps support the families that have a desire to educate their children in a faith-based environment. 

Click HERE to give to our Tuition Assistance Fund.


Annual Appeal is vital to the daily operation and maintenance of our campus, technology updates, arts, music, enrichment program development, safety and security improvements, teachers’ salaries, and other necessities.

Click HERE to give to our Annual Appeal.


Our Building Fund is crucial to maintain the appearance and daily maintenance of our Church and Chapel.  As our Chapel ages over 94 years old and our Church approaches 50 years standing, giving to the Building Fund is paramount.


Click HERE to give our Building Fund. 

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Other Ways to Give

We offer many ways for parishioners to give to the church and school.  Please see the list for all of these options.

Click here to donate via Paypal.

Click here to donate via Venmo.

EFT - Please contact the church office at 479-783-7745 to find out how to set up an Electric Funds Transfer (EFT).

Stock Option Gift of Securities stock gift, Diocese of Little Rock, AR. Stocks and Securities Stocks and securities donations to our church go thru the Diocese office Catholic Arkansas Sharing Appeal (CASA). 


You do not pay capital gains tax on donations of appreciated stock or mutual funds.  Gifts of appreciated stock or mutual funds may afford you a significant tax advantage: › casa › giving

For more details on how to give a git of Securities  Stock  please call the church office at 479-783-7745.

Company Match - Your employer may match donations to charitable organizations. This is a great way to boost your contribution to our church and school.

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