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Lenten Retreat


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Title: The Dinner Dance

Eucharist is a central mystery within Catholicism. While there are many aspects of Eucharist that are important within the Church – including sacrifice, the role of the priesthood, the forgiveness of sins, a sacred meal – we will approach the role of Eucharist from the perspective of building the Body of Christ, which some theologians argue is the foundational principle of all Eucharistic theology. We will explore the mystery of Eucharist by focusing on how the meals within the Gospel of Luke call us to live an authentic Christian life. During the final two sessions of the retreat we look at how Christ is present at the mass and how Jesus' death saves us.

Please click on the links to slides, recordings, and additional handouts (if any) for each week:

Week 1 - Becoming Church



Additional handouts: Deacon Tom's Definitions -

Week 2 - Challenges to being Church



no additional handouts

Week 3 - Food for the Journey



Additional Handout: The Good Fight with Notes -

Week 4 - Christ's Presence at the Mass



Additional Handouts: Beginner's mind -

Week 5 - Saved by Death and Pulling it all Together



Additional Handout (same as week 3): The Good Fight with Notes - 

Past Retreats

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