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What is Scrip?
It is a program where you buy gift cards to places you already shop or eat and CTK gets a portion of the money in return!

How do I order?
Simply fill out our online order form and we will mail them to you!
School parents: We will bill you through FACTS
Parishioners: Please pay online via PayPal or Venmo

What places are available?
There are over 40 different stores or restaurants with available gift cards!  A few of the available options are Walmart, Target, Amazon, Best Buy, Starbucks, Panera, George’s Chili’s, and many more!

CTK Parishioners: Use THIS link to order:

CTK School Families: Use THIS link to order:


Parishioners need to pay online and school parents will be charged via FACTS.


Pay online at:   or Venmo:

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